The truth is, we’re all a bit hurt or missing someone, wishing there was a way to change and fix things, even if it has been a long time. You might be sitting there thinking about how maybe if you had just said something different, anything, maybe things could have been fixed, but deep down, you know that either way things still wouldn’t have worked out. It hurts. Losing someone you care about, that is. The internet has millions of things telling you not to show them how much pain they’ve inflicted on you, to stay strong and maybe they’ll want you back or regret leaving when you look happy without them; you’re told to pretend to be happy and try to believe that lie. And in some cases, it works, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and that feeling doesn’t always stay. People will tell you not to post your feelings on your social networks and not to grovel because it makes you look pathetic. You might spend months, maybe years, still thinking about that one person who meant so much to you and you can’t even talk to your family and closest friends because they all tell you the same thing, “Get over it and move on.” What they don’t understand is, not everyone moves at the same pace. While they may understand what you’re feeling, they don’t at the same time. They don’t remember all of the good and the bad memories, they don’t know all of the words said, they don’t know the way that person made you feel. They may be able to grasp an idea of what you’re feeling or going through, but they won’t understand until it happens to them. So instead, you keep it all to yourself and you decide to write in a journal or even blog about it to strangers… But on the days when you’re feeling low, you hurt so bad and cry. Or maybe you’re at the point where you can’t even cry anymore, so instead you just sit there and think about how sad you are. However, I’m here to tell you this: Don’t ever give up. Keep pushing through life. Stay strong and know that it’s okay, it’s completely okay to feel the way you’re feeling right now. Sometimes we need to hurt in order to grow and become the person we’re meant to be. Always remember that there’s somebody out there who loves you, who cares about you. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, so just be patient and good things will come eventually. And know that someday, you’re going to meet someone who will never leave your side. You’re a strong, beautiful, and wonderful person who can get through this storm right now. All storms come and go, just like this tough time you may be going through. Keep your head up, you can do this. (via midnighthorizon)